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Bo2 Mod Menu !

How to open the menu

L2+R3 = Menu Open
      R3 = MenuClose
            X = Back
                  UP-DPAD = Up 
                          DOWN-DPAD = Down 

How to compile?

                1.) Download source here.
                2.) Get Bo2 Gsc Studio.
                3.) Open Gsc studio
                4.) Click "connect" then "Offline mode"
                5.) Then click "Editor" and hit "Open a project"
                6.) Click "Editor" again then hit "Export the project to a compiled script file..."
                7.) Once its finished move the compiled script to ~/t6r/data/maps/mp/gametypes/

How to install the precompiled version?

Move _clientids.gsc to: ~/t6r/data/maps/mp/gametypes/PASTEHERE